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District Attorney
Kim R. Helper

P.O. Box 1473
Franklin, Tennessee  37065-1473

Office: (615) 790-2691

Email:21dtf @ drugtaskforce.net

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The members of the 21st Judicial District Drug Task Force are dedicated to providing the highest quality of local drug enforcement so to improve the quality of life and affording a safe and secure environment within the framework of the Constitution. We assertively enforce the state and federal drug laws while protecting the rights of all and applying the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and accountability. To do this, we pledge to develop a partnership with the community to resolve problems, and improve the safety and quality of life for everyone in our communities.

The 21st Judicial District Drug Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional task force aggressively investigates drug dealers on the street corner and all the way up to the organized criminal enterprises operating in Hickman, Lewis, Perry and Williamson counties in the middle Tennessee area.  The Drug Task Force has been enforcing the drug laws since 1988 when the agency was formed during the Drug Free Tennessee campaign. The Drug Task Force works with all local, state, and federal agencies to reach our goal of a drug free community.  

A Board of Directors that consist of the District Attorney, General Kim R. Helper, Chiefs of Police of  Brentwood, Franklin, Centerville, Fairview, and the Sheriffs of Hickman, Lewis, Perry and Williamson counties.  The voting members are the District Attorney, Police Chiefs of Centerville, Fairview, Franklin and the Sheriffs of Hickman and Williamson counties.  By law, members may vote only if they contribute money, man-power or equipment to the support of the Drug Task Force.

   The 21st Drug Task Force Needs....................YOUR HELP....................to obtain our target of a drug free district.  

If you have information on an individual or individuals involved in illegal drug activity, please call (615) 790-2691 in Franklin today and remain anonymous.  To report illegal drug activity by email. 21dtf at drugtaskforce.net

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