The Drug Free Tennessee campaign led to the formation of the 21st Judicial District Drug Task Force (21st DTF) in 1988.  Since that time, the 21st DTF has been committed to combating the devastating effects of drug trafficking and drug abuse in Williamson, Hickman, Lewis and Perry Counties.  In order to fulfill our commitment, the 21st DTF is dedicated to the identification, investigation and prosecution of those individuals responsible for the violation of local, state and federal statutes associated with the procurement, manufacture, distribution and/or sale of drugs and narcotics.  We strive to complete that mission while applying the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and accountability.

21st Judicial District Drug Task Force
21st Judicial District Drug Task Force

Our objectives are accomplished by Agents who began their careers as patrol officers and were individually selected based on their ambition, integrity and experience with drug investigations.  Agents conduct a wide range of investigations to include covert operations involving street level drug dealers, pharmaceutical drug diversion and clandestine methamphetamine laboratories. Agents also assist with complex wire operations aimed at organized illegal drug networks and investigate complex multi-state and national drug trafficking organizations that are responsible for shipments of drugs into the state which are ultimately sold at the street level.  

Although the primary focus of the 21st DTF is illegal drug activity within Williamson, Hickman, Lewis and Perry Counties, we realize that criminal activity knows no boundaries.  Therefore, the 21st DTF maintains good working relationships with various local, state and federal agencies throughout the country and shares intelligence information with these agencies on a regular basis.  In addition, Agents at the 21st DTF work closely with the District Attorney’s Office to develop thorough prosecutable cases that move through the judicial system in an efficient manner.

The 21st DTF is overseen by the District Attorney General of the 21st Judicial District and the Chief’s and Sheriff’s within the 21st District.  Board meetings are held on a quarterly basis at various locations throughout the district.  Although each of the Chiefs and Sheriffs within the 21st district are invited to participate and be a member of the board, by law the only members of the board that are eligible to vote on 21st DTF business are those that contribute money, man-power or equipment in support of the 21st DTF.  

21st Judicial District Drug Task Force


District Attorney's Office

421 Main Street Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: (615) 794-7275

Franklin Police Department

900 Columbia Ave Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: (615) 794-2513

Brentwood Police Department

5211 Maryland Way Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: (615) 371-0160

Hickman County Sheriff's Office

108 College Ave. Centerville, TN 37033
Phone: (931) 729-6143

Centerville Police Department

102 East Swan Street Centerville, TN 37033
Phone: (931) 792-4246

Hohenwald Police Department

118 West Linden Ave Hohenwald, TN 38462
Phone: (931) 796-2231

Fairview Police Department

7100 City Center Way Fairview, TN 37062
Phone: (615) 799-2435

Williamson County Sheriff's Office

408 Century Court Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: (615) 790-5560