Drug arrests come at dawn in Fairview

By Nancy Stephens • The Fairview Observer • June 23, 2010

FAIRVIEW — Thirty-seven law enforcement officers gathered Wednesday before daylight in the Fairview Police Department parking lot in preparation for “Operation Cooperation,” an organized drug-related round up.  

The officers started the day with 30 names on a list. Later they released names and charges for 15 people who were arrested this morning. They plan to release more information tomorrow.  Operation Cooperation brought together officers from the 21st Drug Task Force, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department and the Fairview Police Department.  “We’ve done these in the past - later in the day. This time, I thought maybe we could start a little earlier,” explained Fairview Police Chief Terry Harris at the 5 a.m. briefing.

Operation Cooperation was prompted after a grand jury recently returned 30 drug-related indictments following the culmination of a year-plus investigation into drug-related activity in Fairview and the surrounding area. “Most of these (investigations) have been ongoing for over a year,” Harris said. “Most people don’t realize it takes a long time to make these cases.”

The indictments involved charges ranging from delivery of prescription drugs, marijuana, methadone and cocaine to child endangerment and simple possession. Joey Kimble, director of the 21st Drug Task Force, said 95 percent of the indictments were on felony charges.

“We have used informants and investigators undercover,” stated Kimble. He also confirmed such crimes have become more common in the Fairview area.
“We have seen an increase in the Fairview area — not just in Fairview, but in our entire judicial district,” said Kimble.

Harris said that in just the past six months police discovered two houses where methamphetamine was being prepared. 
“This is the first round up this year and there’s more to come. We want them to know we’re not going to stop,” he said.

After the 5 a.m. briefing, five teams of officers fanned out across Fairview and one team went into Dickson and Hickman Counties.

The briefing included warnings about homes on the lists where children might be present, and homes that may have large dogs or possible meth labs, where there are hazards from toxic chemicals.
Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Long confirmed that a second round of drug sweeps was being conducted simultaneously in Franklin and Spring Hill.

After the teams left, a new suspect arrived at the Fairview Police Department about every 15 minutes. Groups of five or more were transported by van to the Williamson County Criminal Justice Center in Franklin.
During the first three hours of the round up, a total of 18 people on the indictment list had been located and arrested. Three of those were found to be already in jail on other charges.

“Sheriff Jeff Long, Director Joey Kimble and I will not tolerate illegal drugs in our city and county,” Harris said. “We are sending the message that you either stop dealing drugs or move out of our county because our investigations on illegal drugs will not stop.”

Charges and the names of those arrested on Wednesday include:

• Sadona Hamlett Smith, 40, of 7203 Sugar Maple Drive in Fairview, one count Delivery Schedule II (Methadone) and two counts of reckless endangerment (children present)
• Melvin Ray Vaughn, 46, 7284 Old Cox Pike in Bon Aqua, Delivery Schedule IV prescription drugs
• Gennifer Ruth Gamble, 26, 7107 Timberlane Drive in Fairview, two counts Delivery Schedule III drug
• April Denise Dozier, 28, 7713 Hudlow Court in Fairview, Facilitating the Delivery of Marijuana
• Geneva Lynn McLeod, 48, 7224 Brush Creek Road in Fairview, two counts Delivery of Schedule II prescription drugs
• Roderick A. McLeod, 55, 7224 Brush Creek Road in Fairview, one count Delivery of Schedule II prescription drugs
• Lina Christine Martin, 53, 12201 Park Village Court in Fairview, two counts Delivery of Controlled Substance
• Terry Watson Anglin, 49, 7212 Sleepy Hollow Road in Fairview, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell or Deliver, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
• Carl David Conner, 30, 7103 Shady Oak Court, one count Delivery of Marijuana
• Vivian Elaine Lattimore, 57, 7107 Timberlane Court in Fairview, two counts Delivery of Schedule II drugs
• Pattie Gail Brannon, 41, 7357 Fernvale Road in Fairview, three counts Delivery of Schedule II drugs
• Johnny Eugene Tidwell, 30, 7108 Birch Bark Drive in Fairview, one count Delivery of Marijuana
• David Thomas Ezell, 57, 5613 Alex Court in Franklin, charge not available at press time
• April R. Thomas, 32, 7234 Brush Creek Road in Fairview, one count Delivery of Schedule II drugs
• James Wilford Thomas, 49, 7234 Brush Creek Road in Fairview, three counts Delivery of Schedule II drugs